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Bridge provides a full suite of traditional circuit switch, VoIP and IP Voice communication solutions for carriers, service providers, and call centers and corporations. These services are provided by our domestic and global network. Bridge personnel have the experience of 20 years of telecommunication and data networking experience.2. Managed Network Services
Managed Network Service

The Bridge Managed Network Service (MNS) offering is a turnkey solution for the provisioning, routing and complete performance management for operators of international switched voice networks.

The MNS services will provide a carrier on the MNS network or on their own network rapid access to numerous market opportunities and enhanced performance. Web-based near real-time tools are employed to monitor all aspects of network performance and to initiate requests to change trunk group sizing, product definitions, or to perform quality validation testing and routing. With these services a carrier can swiftly seize commercial opportunities and monitor them for success, changing routing within minutes if performance or the market dictates.

MNS is an extension of the customer’s own network at the point where most of the labor and capital intensive activity associated with building and augmenting trunk groups and routing calls between multiple carriers occur.

This MNS offering will allow customers to completely outsource many services, thereby decreasing the technical staff and systems that would normally be required. Customers who subscribe to Bridge’s MNS offering are able to increase the utilization of their switching assets, reduce their labor costs, generate additional revenue and increase margins by more quickly responding to price changes or quality and capacity constraints occurring within the dynamic carrier market.

Bridge has developed its network infrastructure to accommodate vastly diverse networks globally. Through the use of protocol conversion, signaling message masking, insertion and timing modification, members of the Bridge team have successfully bridged the technology gaps between the Tier I bilateral carriers’ expectations and the realities of non-standard networks in developing international markets
Corporate Communication IP & VoIP Networks

• VoIP & VPN Solutions
• VoIP “IADs” Internet Access Devices

Call Center Communication Solutions

• Telecommunication & VoIP Interconnections in bound & out bound
• International Call Centers with International Call Transfer via VoIP5. IP Data Networks

VoIP and Telecom Service Provider - “Softswitch

Broadband Network Access Solution Provider

Int’l & Domestic Corporate Communication Network Solutions

Private Data Broadband Networks

Voice - Data - Internet – Video

“Softswitch” Network Control

• Internet & Data
• Managed Communications
• Internet Video Broadcast
• Int’l Internet Access & VPN Networks
• Unified Messaging
• Internet Access V.90 & Dedicated Broadband
• Video Phone
• PC Phone
• Wireless
• Telephone
• VoIP - “Packet Switched Voice” Int’l & Domestic
• Internet Broadband IAD Network Access
• VoIP Net to Phone - Dial-Up - High Speed dial-up access
• “IAD” Internet Access Devices High Speed Access - Dedicated Voice Line Access Modules for VoIP

International Private Line -

• Telecom
• Data Networks - VPN, Satellite, Fiber and Microwave
• Internet - Access Bandwidth

Unified Messaging - Voice, Fax & Email

• Audio & Video Streaming
• On-Line Data Storage
• IP Phones
• Video Phones

Some Applications Built on our Technology

• iPBX & IP Centrex +
• voice VPN solution
• Pre-paid Calling Card Platform
• Click-to-call / PC-to-phone
• Call Center Auto-Dialer
• One-number-follow