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Bridge International Communication Services, Inc. is a licensed 214 carrier offering international and domestic wholesale voice and data termination.

The Bridge SONUS™ platforms allow Bridge to provide both traditional circuit switching and VOIP termination. Bridge has the exceptional ability to accept traffic from a customer in circuit switching mode and convert it to VOIP for termination and vice versa. In addition, Bridge provides a full suite of VoIP and IP Voice communication solutions for carriers, service providers, call centers and corporations. These services are provided by our domestic and global network. Bridge personnel have the experience of 20 years of telecommunication and data networking experience.

Our mission is to deliver turn key voice and data communications generating cost savings and efficiencies for our customers unsurpassed in both the traditional circuit switching and VoIP and IP Voice network services market today.

To accomplish this Bridge's Network and services are engineered to support real-time applications with the reliability of our telecommunications network. This includes professional IP data network management, billing and operations discipline required for voice and data converged communications

International and domestic carriers, multinational corporations, government agencies, Internet service providers, cable operators and call centers with strategic opportunities-and challenges - in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean can count on us to drive high-quality, cost-effective global solutions into the world's hardest to reach places-fast.

The Bride Network Support – Merging TDM and VOIP
The Bridge team has built a sophisticated international network based on a new SONUS™ platform, designed to bridge the gaps - both technological and geographical - in today's demanding global marketplace. Powered by leading edge, IP-based technology, but keeping a solid command of traditional telecommunications solutions, we penetrate the technology cloud, merging current as well as future applications on a single, integrated service platform.

The globalized economy demands world-wise solutions, and Bridge delivers stability and reliability, innovation and agility where legacy systems and bureaucratic requirements can make communications difficult. Bridge's team of experienced professionals has a long history of making complex global solutions simple. Together with our local Partners, we are experts in managing the technology, infrastructure and support systems necessary to deliver solutions in-country, in-language, in time and on budget.

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The Bridge Advantage

A unique and comprehensive suite of advanced IP, voice and data services has been specifically developed to meet our customers’ demands for high quality, cost effective communications in emerging markets across the globe.

A sophisticated, robust and reliable network fuses leading edge and traditional technologies to and between emerging markets worldwide, delivering the quality, performance and cost savings you expect from a world class carrier.

Strategic international partnerships deliver local support, last mile connectivity, market knowledge and experience, maximizing global opportunities locally.

The international expertise and focus of our dedicated team of communications professionals help develop and deliver the customized global solutions you need to survive and succeed in a global economy.

End-to-end management provides a single source for converging all of your global voice, data and Internet requirements.

Flexible rate plans and bundled service offerings can be packaged to maximize savings and improve service efficiency, placing you in direct control of your communications.

Exceptional customer care and technical support are ready and available to serve you every hour of the day, every day of the year.

The SONUS™ advantage
The Bridge SONUS platform is a powerful engine that can drive the rapid deployment of network and product anywhere around the globe. Complete and open architecture allows for the quick introduction of new and enhanced applications to provide a competitive advantage in a demanding marketplace. Bridging IP and traditional technologies, we create a seamless interface between old and new for maximum flexibility. An advanced switching fabric supports all protocols and signaling systems to deliver the interoperability required in today’s changing network environment. This allows for easy customization of new and existing services as well as the development of private label solutions specifically designed to meet your requirements. Whether delivering voice, data, the Internet or video, the robust, global Bridge network performs with reliability, security and flexibility. We peer with the world’s top Internet backbones and connect directly with international and local carriers worldwide in both IP and traditional circuit switching to provide the most efficient path to any destination. Bridge’s innovative, yet stable and secure technology and infrastructure deliver the high quality and reliable solutions you need to meet the challenges of communications in a changing world.